We pride in ourselves to offer the best in quality and service. Our unique product has many advantages over ecommerce services provided by other vendors. Our unique out-of-the box solution means you dont have to wade through hours in creating designs using templates, configuring the cart (in some cases you need webmasters to do this) and finding out all the add-ons which increase the final price of your store. You are in the business of selling your goods and products and we are in the business of providing you with fast, simple, elegant solution with minimal time. Try it now!

Features Communal Yahoo Monster
Hosting $19.95
(3 months free)
$29.95 $99.95
Transaction fee 1% 1.5% n/a
Integration of shopping cart
Website design included template template
Approx. time to set-up 3 days few weeks few weeks
Store Manager x x x
Secure Shopping Cart x x x
Site Statistics x x x
Free Marketing x

Additional services offered:

    • POP/SMTP
    • Fax order confirmation
    • Custom designs to your exacting requirements
    • Marketing support to make the most of your new store